Intuitive Art

Benita is a creative fine artist and uses her skills in service to ‘spirit’ to bring through intuitive art works of spirit guides and or symbolic imagery.
The session will take up to 1 1/2 hours where you will receive a small pencil sketch impression of your guide or a symbolic drawing (which ever you prefer), along with a message. The ‘reading’ is reflective of your spiritual development at that time, often with insight into significant issues in your life, as well as aspects of your souls ‘portfolio’.

Benita works directly with spirit guides with the intention for healing and to bring through whatever is deemed (by your guides or higher self) as important for your growth and spiritual development and in alignment with ‘your Highest good’ at that time.

So called ‘Spirit Guides’ simplistically put are streams of consciousness that exist in higher dimensional realities. Each person has numerous guides of varying specialities, assisting with different aspects of our lives. Your ‘spirit guides’ can be deceased loved ones or those that have been part of your genetic ancestry in this life, future and past lives or beings that have supported you throughout your history on earth playing various roles. Higher spiritual beings also exist to act as a bridge and match to your soul frequency or God Self and part of your soul linage and will tend to become more obvious the greater the commitment we make to spiritual growth and in being of service to humanity. The later is the focus of the drawings delivered here.

The Spirit Guides that you have with you will be of same stream of consciousness as your particular soul frequency operating outside the constraints of this particular time zone construct and the duality of the third dimension. The being thats steps forward in the session will be
reflective of your spiritual development or conscious awareness at this time on your path.

A drawing of your guide or a symbolic image can provide a powerful connection to higher aspects of self and higher spiritual worlds, assisting to unveil your greater potential. Anchoring and attuning to ones higher spiritual self brings inner strength, protection, growth, guidance and comfort. !

One cannot pre empt what will take place in a session as it is dependent on the medium, the receptivity of the participant on the day and spirit guides involved. These sessions aim to illuminate, inspire, uplift, guide and comfort the person.

Most importantly the client is given tools and meditation techniques in which to use to be able to develop further there own intuition and achieve guidance directly from there own personal spiritual helpers.

1 session (approx. 1 1/2 hours including A4 to A3 size pencil drawing. $100