Kahuna Temple Lomi Lomi

The word ‘kahuna’ refers to the holder of knowledge and master craftsman or healer in the Polynesian Islander way. The term ‘Lomi Lomi ‘simply means to knead. Ka Huna massage uses a unique flowing style with long connecting strokes around the body that not only relieves muscular tension but assist in improving circulation and the flow and balance of subtle energy.

Ka Huna can be used as a soft tissue and deep tissue technique depending what is needed or prefered by the client.  Kahuna Temple body work is a beautiful flowing deeply relaxing, healing and emotionally balancing style that many prefer over all other massage techniques.

Ka Huna massage approach recognises and respects body, mind and spirit. The flowing strokes work from the tips of the fingers down to the toes in a rhythmic ‘dance’ over the body that is both relaxing and energising. The Ka Huna Temple body work can assist with
a range of emotional/mental imbalances, calming the mind and helping you feel more comfortable in your own body.

The practitioner works with focus and attention with a sense of respect and allowing so that each individual to have there own healing experience. This massage style works well at distracting the mind so as the person can fully let go, release pent up emotions as well
as soften muscular tissue. A truly holistic approach to massage.

For the full experience of this powerful healing modality Ka Huna massage is best offered as a 1.5 hour treatment.

Benita trained in Ka Huna massage at the Internationally recognised Mettes Institute at High Spirits Retreat, QLD. Aust. Mettes institute are specialists in training practitioners in the Hawaiian philosophy, healing and body work.

Please see video below created by Mettes Institute as an introduction to Ka Huna massage technique below.

$80 1 hour,
$95 1.5 hours (recommended)