Mission Statement

Soul Expressions offers remedial therapies, spiritual healing, meditation, sound therapy, self development and Intuitive Art with a qualified and experienced practitioner. All services delivered with compassion, with the intent to uplift, inspire and for personal growth, health and healing.


To encourage and promote holistic health care that addresses the interrelationship of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. To encourage holistic healthcare and healing that recognises the individual as a multi-dimensional, energetic creator of his/her own reality, and that recognises the vibrational nature of the physical world.
To offer Remedial Therapies within ‘scope of practice’ (or training limits) of the practitioner and practice ethics, as outlined in Regulatory bodies: Australian Assoc. Massage Therapists AAMT.
To deliver all services with compassion to the level and understanding of the client.
To offer all services with the intent that all that takes place be in alignment with the 'Greater Good Of All’.
To teach, educate and expand consciousness/awareness individually and collectively.