Spiritual healing

Spiritual Healing is also referred to as intuitive medical, pranic healing and auric clearing.
Establishing an intention that “All that takes place be for the Highest Good Of All” the therapist acts as a vessel or conduit for life force energy to flow through, opening the space for profound healing to take place. All healing must work within the parameters or receptivity of the clients own preset program, karmic law and law of free will.

Benita offers herself as as a channel or medium for life force energy or high frequency healing energy to flow through with the potential to clear and activate the chakras (main energy centres), recharge the nervous system, and expand and clear etheric fields. Often guided imagery is used to aid and assist in the healing and to offer meditation techniques that can be used as ongoing tools for healing.

Benita’s experience over many years is that spiritual healing can bring in light and vitality on a cellular level, assists with emotional stability, mental clarity and calm, and can speed recovery and healing of chronic conditions in physical body. Often during a session
insights as to the physical/mental/emotional state of the person are brought through. The person can then move forward, reset or create with more alignment, clarity and peace.

Benita trained in spiritual healing and mediumship over many years with an advanced teacher, to learn to ‘tune in’ and ‘get out of the way’ so as to be a conduit for ‘the light’ or healing higher frequency energy.

Benita operates with integrity and in a safe supportive manner. Benita does not do ‘gypsy readings’ (predictions about love and money) but rather aims to assist in self empowerment and spiritual growth. Benita offers in-site as received that may lend towards healing, spiritual  development, guidance, new direction and inspiration.

For a full Spiritual Healing session clients need to allow at least one hour.

An option and ultimate treatment is to have Spiritual healing combined with massage (style of your choice). You will receive a one hour massage and 1/2 approx. spent on energy work in etheric fields, depending what is needed. One and Half hour min.

$80 spiritual healing

$95 Massage and healing 1 1/12 hrs